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Sierra Lynn
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello! My name's Sierra and um... I love art. Yeah. Anyway, I'm 14 years old and I live in New England with my wonderful family~ :heart: I'm really quite average, I do well in school, I like guys, etc., etc. However I really love writing and drawing anime (I'm improving!!) I love love love Vocaloid and UTAU and make covers of my own :D I'm also currently obsessing over the K-POP girl group 2NE1, I love them all so much~ I could talk about my favorites and interests and everything but that would last forever so to make it simple for you: I'm a very lazy teenage girl who would rather eat and spend her time on the internet than interact with people. But I do like talking to people on the internet, so feel free to talk to me~

Aaand I've run out of things to say.

My fictionpress:…

Oh, could you please subscribe to me on Youtube? I'll love you forever:…

I've also got a tumblr: it's where I spend the majority of my life

Um, I'll update this again some other time. Bye! :iconkissinguplz:

also I looove to give llamas :iconfeelingfreeplz:
So I did a Vocaloid meme thing (yeah I don't remember the word!

~~★Hatsune Miku★~~
[x]You like the colour aqua.
[ ]You have tasted leek and liked it.
[ ]You have a high pitched voice.
[ ]You have long hair.
[ ]You are very popular.
[/]You have a hard time singing low notes.
Total: 1 1/2 (is sad)

~~★Kagamine Rin★~~
[x]You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[x]You like oranges.
[ ]You like to wear bows.
[/]You can hit higher pitches than other people.
[ ]You have a twin brother.
[x]You like the colour yellow.
Total: 3 1/2

~~★Kagamine Len★~~
[x]You like bananas.
[ ]You have a twin sister.
[x]You have blond hair and blue eyes
[ ]You can hit low pitches and high pitches with no trouble.
[x]You like to wear shorts.  
Total: 3

~~★Megurine Luka★~~
[/]You have a womanly voice. //idk
[ ]You can hit low pitches easily.
[x]You like the colours pink and blue.
[ ]You struggle to hit high notes.
[ ]You like tuna.
[ ]You have/had pink hair at some point in your life.
Total: 1 1/2 (is also sad)

~~★MEIKO/Sakine Meiko★~~
[ ]You like sake.
[ ]You have brown hair and eyes.
[ ]You like the colour red.
[ ]You get drunk easily.
[ ]You act like a older sister to other people.
[/]You are quite violent. //on the occasion
Total: 1/2

~~★KAITO/Shion Kaito★~~
[x]You like ice-cream. YUSSHHHHH
[x]You like the colour blue.
[ ]You are easy-going.
[ ]You like to wear scarves.
[ ]You are often bullied/teased by others.
[ ]You can only hit low, deep notes.
Total: 2

~~★Megpoid Gumi★~~
[x]You like carrots.
[ ]You want/had green hair at some point in your life.
[x]You have long bangs at the side of your face. //idk sidebangs man
[x]You can hit low and high pitches easily.
[x]You like the colours green, orange and/or yellow.
[x]You like to sing calm songs.
Total: 4

~~★Akita Neru★~~
[/]You have blond hair and yellow eyes.  
[ ]You don't like/are jealous of Hatsune Miku/someone similar.
[x]You like to wear shorts underneath skirts.
[ ]You are like a tomboy.
[x]You like to text people.
[x] get upset easily.
Total: 3 1/2

~~★Zatsune Miku★~~
[ ]You are considered very evil.
[ ]You have/had black hair in some point in your life.
[ ] You are sometimes called a goth.
[ ]You like the colours black and red.
[ ]You can sometimes be very violent.
[x]You get angry easily.
Total: 1

[ ]You want/have/have had red hair in some point in your life
[ ]You have curly pigtails/hair
[ ]You like the colors grey and red
[ ]You can hit high pitches easily
[ ]You  are often considered as being not original
[ ]It's hard for people to tell if you have a boy or girl voice (they get confused)
Total: 0 (pfft)

Well... I'm Gumi. Yay! Also mostly Neru and Rin. Hurrah!

And I'm still bored.
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: I=Nightmare (I'm making a cover!)
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing (I ate too much today)
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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heyheyheyeheyeheheheyeheyehyey (wtf was I trying to say) Check out my adorable new Webcam~ It's Riren (PG though not sure what the Japanese says)
Yun-Afezeria Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave~ :iconjapanpastaplz:
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You're very welcome!! :dummy:
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thanks for the fave!
SierraWeasley Nov 6, 2013  Student Writer
You're very welcome!!! :3
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IKR and they made me one of my OC Mizumi too! But Armin's the cutest so I'll be keeping him for a while

probably the rest of my life
ThatCrazyVocataku Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, Armin is just awesome~ three more days til ep 25!!!!!!!!!!!!
SierraWeasley Sep 25, 2013  Student Writer
ikr he's the best he isn't a baby at alllll he's too adorable to not like anyway

and omg i can't wait but whyyy do the episodes go by so quickly??? :iconcraiplz:
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